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Lab Grown Diamonds is an Australian Owned and Operated Specialist in Premium Lab Grown Diamonds. With over 30 Years of Experience in Jewellery Manufacturing and Diamonds we are your Experts to assist you with any custom Engagement Rings , Wedding Rings and Bridal Jewellery.

Lab-grown diamonds are visually identical to mined diamonds. They are chemically and physically identical to a mined diamond and display the same fire, scintillation and brilliance. Premium lab-grown diamonds are graded using the same value factors – the 4 C’s. Lab-grown diamonds are an environmentally friendly alternative to mined diamonds.

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Lab Grown Diamonds in Australia is one of the largest companies which specialize in Lab Grown Diamonds.

We are a proudly Australian owned and Operated company with over 30 years of experience in the Jewellery Industry our team will assist you in design , manufacturing and selecting the best lab grown diamond at amazing prices direct to the public.

We deal directly with the Lab Grown Diamond manufacturers to pre order in bulk to make sure you only receive the highest quality at the best possible price.

Lets talk about those questions a lot our customers ask when they first hear about Lab Grown Diamonds.

Are lab grown diamonds real diamonds ?

Lab Grown Diamonds and Mined Diamonds are identical. They are physically, chemically, and optically the same.

Are lab grown diamonds ethical ?

All our lab diamonds are ethically made and sustainable. They are naturally eco-conscious and conflict free Diamonds, making them the only truly ethical diamonds in the market around the world.

Are lab grown diamonds valuable ?

Lab-created diamonds are less valuable than natural diamonds. A natural diamond isn’t going to appreciate much in value unless its a rare investment diamond with a high grade, clarity or fancy colour such as pink , red , or blue diamonds.

The value of lab grown diamonds are less than mined diamond which make it a great choice to create the ring of your dreams without the high traditional price tag of mined diamonds which include high costs of operating mines , investors , diamond cutters and wholesalers before reaching the public.

At Lab Grown Diamonds Australia we also provide the opportunity to trade in your lab grown diamond and you can upgrade for a larger or better quality. Contact us for further details and costs involved.