The Latest on Lab Grown Diamonds

CVD Lab Grown Diamonds

CVD Lab Grown Diamonds

Being lag grown diamonds, there often comes up a question where CVD diamonds are real diamonds. They are real as natural diamonds having the same physical, chemical, and optical properties.

CVD diamonds can be used in the place of natural diamonds without any hesitation. In fact, artificial diamonds are known to be of higher quality than natural rough stones as they are made under strict supervision with measurements and clear-cut instructions that are followed to bring out the perfect diamonds that can be made.

Both natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds have their very basic elements the same. Both are made of carbon. Hence, the ultimate result is the developed form of carbon, thereby giving the same result.

When natural diamonds take thousands of years to complete their form, their synthetic counterparts are made within a few weeks. The only difference here is the mode of origin. Everything else from the structure to design will be so similar that even the experts cannot tell them apart.

Due to this, CVD diamonds are replacing the natural rough stones in every arena as possible. From jewellery to polishing, these lab grown diamonds have proved their worth and credibility.

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